ISO 28000 2007

ISO 28000 2007

Supply Chain Security Management System

ISO 28000 is an international standard that specifies the security management system for an organization. It explains the factors and procedures to the organization to lower the threat on delivery chain Security Management is linked with different factors of commercial enterprise control. Agencies can decide if suitable security features are in location and may defend their houses from diverse threats. It is an ISO standard posted via way of means of International Organization for Standardization which include necessities of a safety control machine, in particular, managing safety guarantee with inside the delivery chain


  • It unite the corporation durability.
  • It helps organization gaining new clients
  • It helps the organization to be identified worldwide.
  • It builds the customer trust stronger.
  • It helps reduce the maximum threats within the organization.
  • It improves delivery performances
  • It helps organization gaining new clients

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