ISO 10002 2018

ISO 10002 2018

Quality Management – Customer Satisfaction Certification

ISO 10002 is trendy, especially tailor-made for complaints handling. It gives steerage to the complaints handling system associated with products inside a business enterprise, including planning, design, operation, maintenance, and improvement. Certification in opposition to ISO 10002 will offer your agency an excessive first-class and dependable complaint control system; ISO 10002 will even permit you to pick out regions on your enterprise wherein you could enhance and finally cast off the reason of court cases.

BENEFITS OF ISO 10002:2018

  • It provides a better relationship between customer and organization
  • It will provide uh continuously grooming to your business by checking on complicates
  • The main benefit is to contribute the company is customer satisfaction
  • It will enhance the company reputation and trust
  • It will increase productivity

For complete process, please download this file.